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21 / 3 / 2018

Flying for Fun

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In addition to VRRV this month sees G-CIPL RV9 cleared for flight and also another RV14 new start. Total kits in the UK now passed 640 with 375 flying or having flown with a G-reg. Keep up the good work and enjoy the fruits.

First flight report from Jon for hs RV12 after a 3 year build. Watch the video here, Great job Jon, enjoy.

Decembers LAA mag has two new RV project and one released to flight G-RVTB, RV7. Also sent in is a photo of G-JRVB which is the first fully wrapped rather than painted to be approved by the LAA.

Vans records the 10,000th flying RV, it had to happen sooner or later. The full press release is HERE.

Novembers LAA mag has 3 new starts, all RV's, a 7,12 & 14. Happy building folks.

Octobers a busy month in the project news, 2 flying in the form of  RV8 G-WIKD and RV7 G-OGRL, enjoy. There's also 4 new starts, 2x7's a 12 and a 14 all the best with the building, you know it's worth it.

Announcement from Claire @ BERINGER AERO


I would like to announce the release of new and very well documented wheel and brake kits for RVs (especially RV10 and 14 that have been our best sellers in the US this year)


Click on here for PDF

Quiet month in some respects, just two new starts, both RV14's.


The LAA Rally started September off to a great start with 104 RV's in attendance, where were the other 250? The weekend saw 833 aircraft fly in and 4000 visitors. Nigel and the marshalling team did the usual great job and we managed to get most of the RV's together in a couple of rows near the front.


Congratulations to Chris Marsh… He was commended in the Best Kit Built Category at the LAA Rally, and won Best RV too, for his beautiful blue and silver RV-9, G-ORVS. Mark Hughes was also commended in Best Kitbuilt, for his RV-7A G-JCIH.



British-born RV pilot and environmentalist Jeremy Rowsell has made history by flying RV9 G-CDZD across Australia using a conventional fuel blended with fuel derived from plastic waste.


Full story here

Air Race Championship. 


Check out the pilots list, there are a couple of well known RV owners in there.



Raven displayTeam Raven 2016 promotion video : 1x RV4 and 4 X RV8s


Fireflies display



FireFlies : - A new RV4 display team have formed see

G-SPRK and G-SPRX flown by Jon and Andy.

There's a new dedicated FASVIG website which was launched today - 14th April - 

Please take a look, subscribe for Newsletters and Volunteer to help deliver the FAS VFR Implementation Programme.

Check out the 1st class photos on Ed's flickr pages. 

Eds flickr


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